Universal Safe Drilling Depth Tool This new tool allows the safe technician to have absolute drilling depth control when drilling free hand or with a lever rig. It gives you the precise depth control similar to a drill press. It works in conjunction with any length 1/4" or 5/16” diameter drill bit or end mill of your choice.  Here is how it works Once you have penetrated the hardplate and want to be sure you do not drill too deep into your target area, simply stick the magnetized tool on the safe located over your existing hole.  Turn the blue adjustment collar clockwise until it comes to a gentle stop. Insert your drill bit through the tool until it bottoms out in your drilled hole. Slide the precision 1/4" or 5/16” drill stop clamp over the shaft and tighten it up against the tool. Turn the blue adjustment collar one revolution counter-clockwise and begin drilling. The tool will now allow your hole to be drilled .050” deeper. Repeat turning the adjustment collar until you have safely drilled the distance required. The adjustment collar has approximately 3/8” of travel. If your hole needs to go deeper, simply turn the blue adjustment collar clockwise until it comes to a gentle stop and re-position the drill stop clamp on the drill bit and begin drilling again.

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The tool is made from stainless steel and has an outer diameter of 1/4".  With this tool you are able to grab and capture relock cables.  After you engage the cable in the angled slot you are able to turn the wing nut and capture the cable by tensioning the tube around it.  Once you have it captured, there is no fear of losing the connection while you work on other things because the wing maintains pressure on the cable.  Assuming the relock that is activated is not cross-locked, in many cases you can simply rotate the tool and it will wind the cable and retract the relock.




Swivel relock Tool - This amazing tool is designed to release relocks, time locks or any other hard to reach mechanism through a remote hole. The 16” long tool is made from 5/16” diameter stainless steel. It features a swivel end that is able to move to a right angle position and be locked in place at a 90 degree direction. The precision fit of the swivel head has amazing rotational strength and will never get stuck in the hole because of the swivel end. Various 3/16” or 3/32” rods can be installed for different applications using the screws in the swivel end 



  SAFE DRILLING ANGLE GUIDE TOOL - This tool is the answer for drilling accurate holes free hand or with a lever rig. It can be used for every drilling situation to ensure you hit your target location inside the safe. Here is how it works. If you are attempting to drill a perfectly straight hole, simply set the tool at the “0” degree angle setting and stick it to the safe with the rare earth magnets attached to the bottom. Place the tool next to the drill location and you now have a perfect drilling reference to ensure a straight hole. Although the tool does not guide the drill, it achieves a perfect visual reference while drilling. You will never drill an off angle hole again. The tool also performs a second function for special situations. The tool comes complete with an angle drilling mathematical reference guide. Lock Defeat Technology has done all the work for you in advance to achieve a perfect hole for any angle drilling situation. Simply choose the offset you want to achieve and the depth to your target area and the angle chart will tell you the perfect angle for your situation. Set the tool at that angle and begin drilling with confidence.  This simple tool will stop you from drilling an inaccurate hole which will save you time and money. Free hand accurate safe drilling has never been so simple!!!!   



Emergency Spindle Tool for Lagard 3370/3390 2M Combination Locks   The Lagard Group 2M #3370 & #3390 series of locks allow the installer to connect the dial spindle to the drive cam without removing the back cover. This was done to allow manufacturers a quicker way to install the combination lock on a new safe and it eliminated other problems for inexperienced installers. While this lock is easier to install, there have been problems with the spline key coming out which causes the dial to unscrew out of the safe. The spline key is held captive by either a plastic cap or a sheet metal pressure cover to stop the key from falling out the back of the lock. The spline key can come out due to the cover never being installed or it popping off from repeated banging of the safe door closing.   This new tool can be instantly inserted into the drive cam without the hassle of attempting to screw in a piece of threaded spindle and then insert a long temporary spline key. Due to the precision design of this emergency non-threaded spindle, it fits perfectly into the drive cam without ANY lost motion in the dial to drive cam connection.  Instructions are included on how to attach your emergency dial and align it for easy dialing of the known combination. Any emergency dial will fit with a 5/16” or larger hole to slide over the 5/16” spindle.  Although this tool was specifically design to overcome the Lagard 3370/3390 problem, it was also designed to fit any other combination lock with a 5/16” spindle diameter.  




 Herring Grasshopper Make-Up Key – This tool allows the Grasshopper lock to be opened with a single scope hole to build the key to fit the lock. It contains a movable screw key and a 2nd key pin kit to provide the customer with a working key to keep.  

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This lightweight dial tool is discontinued, please check for availability.