Digital Safe Lock Tools



This amazing  tool eliminates the hassle of rotating the armature after drilling into the lock case through the “spindle” / wire hole. Once you have gained access to the armature with as little as a ¼” diameter hole, this tool will retract the lock bolt in seconds. Since the armature requires approximately 17 complete revolutions to fully unlock, there is no longer the need to rotate the armature by probing 50 or 60 times with an ice pick. Simply insert the “ZIP CORD” into the hole against the armature with the marked side facing the lock bolt. Now pull out the red handle rubber cord completely as you press the tool against the armature. The tool will rotate the armature completely with one pull of the cord in seconds.  The tool is marked with the direction to insert it against the armature based on the hand of the lock. The red cord automatically rotates the armature in the correct direction to unlock it. No more wasting time probing the armature repeatedly and it eliminates the possibility of rotating it the wrong direction. 

Part #SG 6120 ZC  

See video demonstration here



 Lagard Combogard wire Tool - This simple tool allows you to power a time delay Combogard (33E) with dead batteries hands free during the 15 minute delay. Due to different vintages of the keypad, a wire plug is not universal for all designs. This tool has solved that problem using a space age design “Nitinol” contact wire. It fits all versions and due to the properties of Nitinol, it will never lose its strength.   



 X08 / X09 Defeat Tool – This tool is used to retract the bolt on X08 / X09 Kaba Mas high security locks after drilling for the slide area. The first tool is used for the X08 to retract the bolt by simply turning the tool. This tool will move the slide sideways while it retracts the bolt. Simply push in and turn the tool to open the lock. The same tool works on the X09 to retract the bolt partially until the “hooks” engage preventing full retraction of the lock bolt. Now use the 2nd tool to precisely drill into the lock bolt and insert the rod to use the tool’s cam action to easily break the hook(s) to retract the bolt completely. This tool eliminates the frustration of attempting to retract the lock bolt using wires or ice picks. Complete two piece kit including drill