NEW S&G FAS 6870 / 6880 Pin & Cam Tool

The complete S&G FAS 6870/6880 tool kit


This is the complete tool kit that allows the safe technician to open these locks quickly without any picking expertise.  This tool simplifies the opening process without damaging the lock.  With a basic understanding of the lock and by following directions the tool allows the user to decode the lock and open the safe.  The pin & cam decoding theory is accomplished by simply pushing the plunger to determine if the "loaded" pin height is right or wrong.  The tool is ultimately loaded to the correct key combination to open the lock

Tool compoonents


The tool kit includes the pin & cam tool, pin tray with cover, pin grabber, test key, 2 different length drill jigs with drill bits, drill jig holder, tweezers, magnet, Sharpie marker, dry erase marker, laminated reusable decoding chart, thumb drive with detailed 55 minute video instructions and written instructions

The precision machined key bit


The machining of this innovative design special grade stainless steel  key bit is what makes this concept work.  The strength of this key bit and the complete tool is virtually bullet proof.  There is no longer a fear of breaking the tool by simply using it like some other tools on the market.  The concept is completely new and has solved the problem of opening this lock no matter how the lever direction has been loaded in the lock.

The S&G 6870 / 6880 locks


The view of the S&G 6870 /6880 safe key lock.  This is a 9 lever lock that uses a reversible double bitted key.  The unique feature in this lock is the way that any of the 9 levers can be loaded in either of 2 directions.  The lock is capable of having all 9 levers going the same direction or any combination of 8 & 1 , 7 & 2, 6 & 3, 5 & 4.  This amazing universal tool will open the lock no matter how the lever direction is assembled.  Notice how there is small hole drilled through the back of the lock with the Amsec relock plate mounted on the back.  The kit comes with 2 drill jigs and bits to precisely drill a small hole through the back of the lock.  This doesn't damage the lock at all and there is no need to replace the lock after the opening is complete.

Another industry first in design


The test key provided by marking the bit with a Sharpie and turning it in the lock allows the user to  instantly determine the lever spacing in your lock.  

By  loosening one screw, the spacing shaft extends out to expose the detent holes.  The user can now custom space the tool for your individual lock.  Although it is not necessary to do this to successfully open the lock, it is a feature to make the job easier.  The tool can be custom spaced in minutes which eliminates the tedious job of keeping track of the spacing.  You will notice there are 9 spaces marked on this side of the spacing shaft and in the next picture there are 8 spaces marked on the opposite side.

Using the tool


After prepping the tool and the lock, you simply load the tool with pins in the appropriate 9 positions that match your lock spacing.  By moving the spacing shaft in and out to test the levers on the first side and then rotate it to test the opposite side levers.  When aligned under each position the plunger is pressed to determine if it is bound or free to push in.  If the plunger binds we know the pin is the wrong height. We note the binding positions and remove the tool to change the problem pins to a different height.

To see a video explanation of the tool components and the theory of how it works click here