Lock Defeat Technology is proud to be the first to offer a unique manipulation tool to the safe industry.  This concept was conceived by safe expert Brian Hignett of Australia and has been adapted for applications found in the United States by Lock Defeat Technology

The purpose of this tool is to dramatically enhance the contact points on any safe lock by eliminating the excessive weight of the dial and to create a precision turning bearing surface for the over sized dial.  The light weight large diameter dial will enhance your readings because of the amplification of each graduation.  The most important factor of this tool is the elimination of a very heavy dial which will mask the light contact points of any brand lock. 

You can now increase your chances of manipulating the hardest locks you will encounter in the field.  Four wheel locks and other traditionally difficult locks to manipulate are the prime targets of this tool.   The tool will accept up to a 7/16” diameter spindle and comes with a collet to help center a 5/16” spindle.

It is necessary to remove the existing dial and ring from the safe.  We recommend using a dial puller rather than a slam hammer method but each dial can be dealt with differently based on the construction of the dial.

The mounting base plate is designed to fit the standard S&G / Lagard bolt pattern as well as the wider Mosler bolt pattern.  The mounting slots are included for top & bottom screw pattern as well as side to side mounting.  Both 8/32 and 10/32 mounting screws are included in the kit.

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