High Security Lock Tools

Lagard 2200 Custom Pick – This tool is the finest made tool available for opening this keylock.  What makes this tool different from any other tool ever offered?   The machining and design of this tool is exceptional.   The tube and wheel manipulation tip are machined from stainless steel to give years of service to the safeman.    This tool has a built in laser engraved indicator to enable the user to load the actual key combination into each wheel.   Spacing detents for wheel positions and neutral positions enable the user to identify their exact position within the lock.   This tool incorporates a unique device that allows the tool to be handed in seconds so that the spacing and wheel setting marks are always on the top, so no matter what hand the lock is installed, it is always comfortable to read the built in information.    Nothing has to be installed on the door surface for graphing purposes, just stick the tool in the lock and you are ready to pick the lock.   This tool is built to accommodate a maximum door barrier thickness of 7.5”, so this pick is long enough to work on virtually any high security safe.

Lagard 2200 Key Decoder – This tool is a precision instrument used to decode an existing key.  This device can be used on the old and new design keys.  What is the primary use for this tool?   One of the most common reasons for a mechanical failure on the Lagard 2200 is when one or more of the wheels changes its own combination.  This is usually caused by a rough working lock and the wheel (s) change to a new setting which prevents the existing key from opening the lock.   By using this tool first on the customers  key, we can determine the original settings for the 4 wheels.  Since this lock is working poorly, picking this lock is much more difficult because of the lack of feel when moving the wheels with the pick.   We are able to utilize the decoding information and load the lock to the original wheel settings on all four wheels using our special design pick.   We can then randomize one wheel at a time to open the lock.



Custom Made 2 in 1 Picks - In keeping with the tradition of producing high quality safe tools for the serious safe technician, Lock Defeat Technology is proud to offer a wide line of 2 in 1 picks.  Now the safeman can optimize his chances of picking some of the precision key locks found on high security safes.  Our picks are designed with a space clicking device which allows you to keep track of the exact lever you are moving.  The tools have a space color coding which allows easy identification of each position without the tedious job of counting space markers.  Each pick is made specifically for each individual lock.  These picks are precision made from high quality materials.  The manipulating tip is machined from one piece stainless steel which has dramatically increased the strength and durability of the tools.  All tools are designed to be as strong as possible for each individual lock that they are made for.  All picks are made long enough for use on virtually any high security safe.  Experts from all over the world agree that these are the most innovative and finest made tools ever offered to the serious safe technician.

Pin & Cam Tools - The smoothest working pin & cam tools available to the industry.   These tools are designed to overcome the keyway curtain that is used in some locks to prevent picking the lock with a 2 in 1 design pick.   The pin & cam design allows manipulation of the levers while setting other levers in a chosen position.  Each tool kit includes the pin and cam tool, pin installation tool, pin box with complete set of pins with extra pins to replace any lost pins. 
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